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An Alternate Solution

I will first start by saying Malloy is the first cat that I personally purchased, he’s my baby boy. He is spoiled in the sense that he eats good quality and fresh food as much as possible and he has about a million toys. He’s a snuggle bug but he still has a ridiculous amount of energy and is very alert and interested in new situations. All of our family cats growing up have always been indoor/outdoor cats and been able to have free reign of the outdoors. Part of the adoption policy when adopting Malloy was that he must remain an indoor cat unless harness or stroller trained, something new to me.

After extensively researching cat strollers, the importance of getting indoor cats outside made a lot of sense to me. The new smells, sounds and sights they are exposed to outside expands their pallet and gives them a change of scenery from being indoors most of the day. They get to physically feel the breeze while remaining safe and secure inside the stroller.

As stated in a previous post, I have always wanted to harness train a cat. The idea of taking a cat around with me sounds amazing and gives me company when outside getting exercise. The post also discusses a scary incident that occurred when we first took Malloy out on a harness. I haven’t been able to get over the incident and feel very anxious when thinking back on it. I have also been feeling slightly defeated due to the fact that based on our first harness experience, it doesn’t feel as though my dream of a harness kitty will be achievable.

The health benefits, for both cat and human, are huge when a stroller is concerned. The mobility of being able to take your pet on walks, hikes and new adventures. The new sights and smells that they don’t normally get to experience on a daily basis are worth it alone to me. Not only will he be able to travel with me and explore new areas outside, but it will be encouragement for me to get outside as well.

At first I thought to myself, “people are really going to judge me for this, they’re going to laugh and make fun of me, etc, etc.”. Now…who cares!? I’m happy, this is my cat and my life and that’s not for anybody else to decide.

I have been doing extensive research on strollers and getting the best quality for cheapest price. Ultimately I decided on this one because of the three-wheel design and reviews. When looking for a stroller I had a few criteria, one being cup holders and storage. I love to walk and hike but I like to have a spot for a drink, phone, keys, extra pee-pee pads for Mally and of course toys. This particular stroller has two cup holders with a small amount of storage in between up by the handles. There is a very large storage basket on the bottom which will be perfect for carrying extras. Another big item on my list was durability and ease of use. There is a one-button fold up option with this stroller which will make traveling easy and the one-handed button will allow more attention to be kept on kitty during the transition process. This stroller also looks very durable and has good reviews regarding the quality of this piece.

Overall I am very excited for this product to arrive and see how Malloy does with this outdoor attempt.


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