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New Activities!

Big changes happened this week in regards to “cat-proofing” and making the apartment more Malloy friendly. The stroller I ordered came in which was very exciting, mostly for me, because we are one step closer to getting Mally outside. He was skeptical at first and sniffed around, not showing much interest. But when we brought treats into the picture he jumped right in. He has been going in the stroller for a little bit everyday now and he seems pretty comfortable. This morning he was enjoying a treat in the stroller when I closed up the back zipper and rolled him back and forth. He didn’t freak out and actually looked like he was enjoying it a bit. We are taking the stroller training slower than the first attempt at leash training and he seems to be responding well so far. We are looking forward to getting his harness hooked up to the “leash” inside the stroller and see how he reacts. I’m thinking that will happen within the next few days and will have an update then.

Malloy is full of energy and sometimes keeping him active and entertained throughout the day can be difficult. I find that if I don’t have enough toys, food and stimulation for him, I’m not as productive at work because I’m trying to get him from attacking something (or me) all day. When he first came home I noticed that he inhales his food when given to him and then runs into the kitche and cries whenever somebody walks in that direction. Most of the time he’s not actually hungry; he just wants attention, but I decided to do some research and see what I could find. I eventually decided on the Catit Series 2.0 Food Tree in which you pour a small amount of dry food or treats in the top and the cat has to knock it down the three levels into the base at the bottom.


Mally understood the food tree as soon as I poured food in the top. He looked at me with an irritated face and let out a disgruntled “meow”, indicating he was hungry. I showed him with my hand how to knock the food down, he lunged for the piece as it fell down, then proceeded to play with with the tree himself. I could hear him playing with it off and on that afternoon and now he plays with it throughout the day while I work. Dan and I have found it is especially helpful during dinner because it keeps him occupied with his food longer, meaning he spends less time in the kitchen begging for food and jumping on counters.

I also decided to get the Catit Flower Fountain based on the health benefits I came across while researching. Not only do fountains and moving water resemble rivers and brooks cats may encounter outside, but they have also been proven beneficial for urinary tract and kidney health. Malloy didn’t like the fountain as instantly as he did the food tree, but after some encouragement and “playtime” from us, he uses it regularly without hesitation.


My next project will be creating an indoor garden for him with all cat-friendly plants. I think Malloy is enjoying his new activities so far and will continue to enjoy the changes we make as the apartment becomes more cat-friendly.


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