Welcome Home Malloy!

I have been considering getting a cat for some time now but have been trying to be realistic about timing and being in the right place in life.

Fast forward to the end of September 2016 when I was on Petfinder just getting an idea for the cats available in the area and the different shelters to choose from. I came across the profile for the most beautiful cat I’ve seen, gorgeous green eyes, perfect white “tuxedo” chest and the softest looking black fur around. His name was Banana Split but of course I knew immediately I would name him Malloy. I just knew in my heart he was meant to come home with us…I was in love.

I waited (rather impatiently) for Dan to get home from class and showed him the profile almost immediately. As soon as he came in the door I inundated him with the information “Sweets, I found our cat”. He read the description, browsed the available pictures, looked at me calmly and said “yeah, he’s perfect”.

I ended up reaching out to the shelter, Pawsco, and the next couple hours/days went by painfully slow. I was so impatient waiting to hear back, he was all I could think about. I kept having dreams about him and I kept looking around the apartment at the toys already scattered about and the several window perches I had set up; we were ready for him.

On October 2nd I received the email Dan and I had been waiting for, the meet-and-greet set-up. They said we were able to go meet him at 1pm and his foster home was only 15 minutes away!

I knew the second I walked in the door and saw Banana Split that he was mine. He was perfect. He walked over to us immediately, smelled us and then plopped on the floor in front of our feet looking for scratches. The entire adoption process didn’t take long at all, I think we were home (with Mally Man) within an hour of leaving the apartment initially..


Malloy adapted to the apartment much better than either of us had expected. We initially opened his crate in my bathroom near his litter box, but he was uninterested and proceeded to explore the entire apartment on his own. He found his toys immediately and was snuggly as ever for the rest of the afternoon.

He has been home for three weeks and it feels like a dream. There is no doubt in my mind that Malloy is meant to be home with us, he loves us immensely and I have no words for the happiness he brings.


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