Stroller Training!

The beginnings of stroller training were nerve wracking.  Even though I knew he was safe inside, I didn’t know how he would respond to being completely enclosed in the stroller.  I know treats, and food in general, are the way to his heart, so coaxing him in with a few was no hard task.  Once he saw the morsels go inside, he hopped right up behind them.  To my surprise he munched on them and stayed in the stroller, just sniffing around and checking it out.  I kept talking to him so he would stay calm and I started (with much effort) to zip up the enclosure.  Success!  He looked around and pawed gently at the walls, but just kept purring and giving me those big green “I love you” eyes.  I decided that if he was having fun now, why not try some motion?

Pulling the stroller from the corner, he tensed a little but relaxed when I started talking to him again.  With constant reassurance that he was okay and a few more treats, he was loving it!  We strolled around the living room and kitchen, into the guest room and back into the hallway.  After 10 or so minutes I decided he had had enough and was time for snuggles.  When I unzipped the enclosure, he just poked his head out the back and started rubbing against me from inside the stroller.  I got him to jump out but he just wanted to snuggle on my lap and play.  Now I catch him jumping in on his own and playing with the storage basket on the bottom!




One thought on “Stroller Training!

  1. I would say that stage 1 was a resounding success. Now the challenge, even before going outdoors, might be to see how he handles different terrain – meaning vibration and small bumps that you would encounter outside. Maybe while you’re doing your house training, roll the stroller over a clump of magazines or a broom handle to condition him for what a path or sidewalk might feel like. The other thing to consider might be the sounds that he will be exposed to outdoors. Not sure how you’d simulate that necessarily, but his progress sounds amazing. Super job Ali!!!

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