Malloy’s Corner

My mom was in town Veteran’s Day weekend and helped me spruce up the apartment and make Malloy a corner. I had been planning on creating a dedicated space for him but was searching for the perfect cat tree and wasn’t willing to settle.

We have always had cats growing up and my mom was big into gardening, so she planted cat mint and cat grass for them to eat and roll around in. Throughout the winter she brings a small amount inside and plants them so they can continue having fresh greens year round (another important element to stimulate cats).

We found cat mint and cat grass at PetSmart along with a double dog bowl feeder to plant them in. While we were looking at cat trees a kind woman approached us and explained how she had a gently used cat tree that her cat was now too old to use. She offered it to us for less than half the store price and she only lived fifteen minutes from the apartment (five from the store!). We were blown away with her kindness, it especially made me happy with all the negativity going on in the world!

When we got the cat tree home Malloy was playing and resting in it before we had time to clean it up. He absolutely loves it and I see him utilizing every element throughout the day. The height is perfect so Malloy can see out the sliding glass doors and over the balcony…another perfect spot for watching the squirrels and dogs outside!


Earlier in the week we found a piece of rustic wood and tin letters from Hobby Lobby spelling M-A-L-L-O-Y that we made into a sign and hung on the wall. I also had an old wooden artichoke box from Goodwill that I decided to store some of his toys in. Of course I wanted him to be able to access all of them without needing our help, so I decided to turn it on its side. By the time I was ready to take pictures of his corner, the majority of his toys were missing from the box…classic.

With the addition of his Catit fountain and food tree I found from Amazon (details can be found in this post from earlier) and a couple colorful owl place mats I already had from Walmart, we are all thrilled with the way it turned out!


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