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Let’s try this again…

After having success indoors, I decided it was time for Malloy the reenter the outside world, but this time with a little more precaution... We are outside with him! This morning (Tuesday) felt before I could change my mind I got him in the harness and riding comfortably around the apartment. Without hesitation I opened the… Continue reading Let’s try this again…

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Stroller Training!

The beginnings of stroller training were nerve wracking.  Even though I knew he was safe inside, I didn't know how he would respond to being completely enclosed in the stroller.  I know treats, and food in general, are the way to his heart, so coaxing him in with a few was no hard task.  Once… Continue reading Stroller Training!

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New Activities!

Big changes happened this week in regards to "cat-proofing" and making the apartment more Malloy friendly. The stroller I ordered came in which was very exciting, mostly for me, because we are one step closer to getting Mally outside. He was skeptical at first and sniffed around, not showing much interest. But when we brought… Continue reading New Activities!